Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales

Live Training and Support Monday-Friday @ 2PM PST/4PM CST/5PM EST


Lead Generation, Marketing and Sales

Live Training and Support Monday-Friday @ 2PM PST/4PM CST/5PM EST


Empower Your Business Strategy with Advanced A.I. Solutions

After enrolling in new courses, investing in sporadic coaching and throwing yourself into several Facebook groups filled with ambitious women, is the problem solved?

Here’s the issue - you are not who you were in the past.

You out-paced the conversations in these groups and moved on past the place where most still stay stuck!

At this point, you want more

You Don't Need To Shrink Or Stay At The Same Level

Check out the ways we can help you!

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How Can You Possibly Scale Your Business to $100K In A Sustainable & Fulfilling Way

There are a lot of promises out there that lead to a lot of disappointment.

Perhaps you've been let down a couple of times by programs that filled you with hope that you could have the business life of your dreams?

Instead, it left you stuck in a hamster wheel of endless work, paying a bunch of money

without providing any kind of genuine support.

And in the end, you get blamed for "not doing enough" in case things don't turn out

as how they pictured it to be!


Hey there, I'm Starr

Business Coach & Strategist

I teach struggling coaches, consultants, and service based providers how to grow their business through organic marketing strategies that allow them to generate sales, increase cash, and take on more clients!

Currently, I run a 6-figure Shopify store along with 7-figure brick-and-mortar business in Southern California. After growing up in dangerous neighborhoods in South Central LA as the daughter of immigrant parents, I earned my Bachelor's AND Masters degrees in Business Administration.

Besides having 7 adult step kids, I’m the mom of a red-headed 11-year-old boy and a rambunctious 6-year-old curly-headed boy.



She Has Clients

Unleash the power of a transformative platform where visionary entrepreneurs, passionate coaches, innovative course creators, and dedicated service providers come together to forge thriving online businesses that effortlessly run on autopilot.


Uncensored Entrepreneurs!

Are you ready for a show where you'll hear real, behind the scenes stories from real business owners?

No sugar-coating, no filters, just the vulnerable truth about the ups and downs of running a business, being a parent and how to move through all phases of your life while building something of significance.

From early mornings and late nights to triumphs and setbacks, we'll cover it all. So sit back, grab a cup of coffee, and get ready to hear the truth about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.


Private Coaching

Private 1:1 coaching is for those who want to achieve amazing results in the most efficient way possible.

Group Coaching

We’ll work together in a group setting to maximize your results in scaling your coaching business to the next level!


Get access to all of my trainings to help you grow your coaching business!


And Our Most Advanced All-in-One Software

She Has Clients is the only marketing platform designed specifically for women entrepreneurs.

Unlock the ultimate convenience of having everything you require to market your business seamlessly consolidated in a single powerhouse. Seamlessly navigate through website design, lead generation, sales tracking, and social media management, all in one comprehensive solution.

Stop wasting time and money on countless marketing tools that don't work.

She Has Clients has everything you need to succeed.

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