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You Don't Need To Shrink Or Stay At The Same Level

After enrolling in new courses, investing in sporadic coaching and

throwing yourself into several Facebook groups filled with ambitious women,

is the problem solved?

Here’s the issue - you are not who you were in the past.

You out-paced the conversations in these groups and

moved on past the place where most still stay stuck!  

At this point, you want more

Hey there, I'm Starr

Business Coach & Strategist

I teach struggling coaches, consultants, and service based providers how to grow their business through organic marketing strategies that allow them to generate sales, increase cash, and take on more clients!

Currently, I run a 6-figure Shopify store along with a 7-figure brick-and-mortar business in Southern California. After growing up in dangerous neighborhoods in South Central LA as the daughter of immigrant parents, I earned my Bachelor's AND Masters degrees in Business Administration.

Besides having 7 adult step kids, I’m the mom of a red-headed 11-year-old boy and a rambunctious 6-year-old curly-headed boy.

They keep me busy! 

How Can You Possibly Scale Your Business to $100K In A Sustainable & Fulfilling Way

There are a lot of promises out there that lead to a lot of disappointment.

Perhaps you've been let down a couple of times by programs that filled you with hope

that you could have the business life of your dreams?

Instead, it left you stuck in a hamster wheel of endless work, paying a bunch of money

without providing any kind of genuine support.

And in the end, you get blamed for "not doing enough" in case things don't turn out

as how they pictured it to be!

The Problem is NOT You.

Different Programs To Fuel Your Success

Your First $10K Academy

The goal of the program: To scale to your first 10k as a coach, consultant, or service-based entrepreneur.This 6-month program is for women who are driven, ready to launch or scale their online business.

Your First $10K Academy is best suited for Life, Mindset, Business, Health, Fitness, Wealth, Wellness, Love, Relationship Coaches, Virtual Assistants, Graphic Designers, Social Media Managers, Business Managers, Freelance Designers, and other Service Based Business Owners!

The 6-Figure FB Groups

A 5-week group coaching program created to take you from a ZERO group to the HERO of your Group and make a reliable monthly income while enriching other women’s lives!

I’m going to show you how I grew my Facebook group from 1k members to 5k members in just 6 weeks AND how I’ve since grown my group to over 70,000 members! I’ll also teach you how I leverage my group for sales and generate over $20,000 every month!

Successful Women Entrepreneurs

THIS MEMBERSHIP ALLOWS YOU TO PROMOTE IN FRONT OF OVER 70,000 WOMEN ONLINE. Daily promotional posting inside of our Group of over 70,000 members.

Unlimited Lead Generation posts inside of Successful Women Entrepreneurs. Private Community for VIP Members where you can offer support and also get feedback. (Networking & Masterminding Opportunities) Get Featured inside of our Business Directory 90-second introduction video in which you will introduce yourself and your offers (Just visualize! Such a massive audience are waiting for you to go LIVE)

Unlimited Leads

A 5-week group coaching program created to take you from a not getting sales to generating consistent leads who are actually interested in your products and services! I’ll be teaching you my exact system that allowed me to hit over $100,000 in 7 months!

I’m going to show you how I generate high quality leads, how to put systems in place to keep your business growing! I’ll also teach you how I leverage free organic methods for sales and generate $10,000 to $30,000 every month!

The 6-Figure SheEO Mastermind

A 12-Month Live Group Coaching Program to sell and scale your coaching business!

And Our Most Advanced All-in-One Software

She Has Clients

Unleash the power of a transformative platform where visionary entrepreneurs, passionate coaches, innovative course creators, and dedicated service providers come together to forge thriving online businesses that effortlessly run on autopilot.

Lovely Words From Clients

Imagine that you join the program and

BEGIN your SUCCESS right now...

Imagine having 6-Figures

in your bank account

Feel your heartbeat thumping in your chest?